Free Skin Infection Guide

We would like to offer a free skin infection guide to anyone interested. Simply contact us at and we will email you the guide which is great for quick identification of common skin infections that plaque fighters.

you have mail.

For those of you who received the guide I hope it is of use. If there is any specific infection you are concerned with please run it by us. We would welcome the opportunity to further our own education on the subject.


These guys offer the only all natural anti bacterial soap guys.  Their product is created by a wrestler specifically with combat athletes in mind. 


what is the active ingredient in the soap?

Ewww no thanks I don't want a free skin infection, guide or no guide.

Coach Katy xx


ttt for skin infections!

ttt for skin infections!


They use tea tree oil, it's not a secret.  It's very good stuff.  And they have bar soap as well.

And they have bar soap as well.

Just don't drop it....

good stuff!we use it all the time.

You have Mail

I am glad to say that response to the guide has been great. Education is the key to battling these infections. Once we have an understanding on how they work or survive on our skin then we can fight them intelligently, meaning less time off of the mats and less damage they can do to us.


thanks for the guide. i'm a wrestling coach and that is one of my main concerns. always trying to find new ways to keep them under control. thanks again.



I just dont worry about it. I spread staph to a buddy 2 years ago and he looked like he was going to die. it was rad.