Free Tournament Tonight

Planet Poker

11PM PST(I think)

signups starts 2 or 3 hours earlier

600 players

My name is grplnxprt on there.

See ya at the final table!

2 more hours until registration begins...

so whats the prize?

dude it doesnt startt till 11 pacific 2 easter

how do you sit at the table?

nevermind i figured it out, i see you on table #9 i'm on table 40

Only about 400 players with 40 minutes left to start.

How do you see where somebody else is sitting?

how you doin so far? i'm up about 200 chips

limit sucks dick

im up about 500 now

shit back down to my original 1000 chips, limit sucks the dick

shit i'm out, sir stew took me out, i had ace high flush , with the board K Q 2 7 7
he hits his two runners on the turn and river to give him 7's over K's

and takes my 1000 chips

After an hour I was about double and the table leader.

Then this guy I know called me. He was playing too.

I couldn't get him off the phone and he kept talking about what he had and hands he had played earlier and I'm trying to play my own hand! Anyways... I was out in about 10 minutes.

I was pretty mad. lol

There's another one in 3 hours.

Register now!

ahahha i am in one right now

well man i got like7000 chips now, but i gotta go soon

hey not sure, but if you wanna take over for me my username is maxxscam and password is dinwar

theres only like 100 people left

ok i am now at 13,000 chips probly the high stack, anyone wanna win some money?

planetpoker account id is 296051
password is dinwar

no replies so i folded out, with only 50 people left and about 12000 in chips