Free Training December in NJ

Free Training the month of December NJ

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I am offering free training to anyone interested in comming by.

Classes are Tuesday 7:30pm tru 10 Thur 11:30 am thru 1:00 and 7:30 pm thru 10 Sat 10 am thru 11:30

The reason I am doing this is two fold expose people to the Burmese arts and also I have a few guys getting ready for events and with the holidays being a vacation month they can use the extra training partners.

People can learn some Burmese Boxing or Naban ( grappling) or train for MMA

It will also give you a chance to work out with people who play a differnt game than your own.

We are located in Northern NJ, the town of Mahwah in Bergen county right on the Rockland NY Border

This is open to everyone

one of the guys fighting MMA

Burmese boxing
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ttt x 10,000!

hmmm now I just need to convince one of the guys from the gym to give me a ride up :-)



it would be great to see you again I know you have improved a lot as a fighter since I last saw you. Just promise not to beat on my old body to much.

I saw your post on working out at Team Quest it sounded like a great oppurtunity for you.


By the way the traing comes with my famous 10 x your money back guarantee. If I am not the prettiest man you have ever met we give you 10 times your money back for the month of Dec.

Phil it was an AWESOME experience. Do you have any guys near my weight?

BTW, Phil Dunlap is one of the most selfish people I know. He'll show you some grappling or striking techniques, but when you ask him how he gets his hair to have that lustrous shine, he'll refuse to tell, claiming it's an "ancient Burmese secret."

Hey Glenn,

Can I bum a ride when/if you go? Where are you located? And when do you plan on going?



Keith is about 160 but the couple guys who compete at your size that would give you a good workout are injured most of the guys are bigger.

Judah Saturdays are a great day to come by as the class is in a local boxing gym and some of the boxers come by at times. We have great standup workouts on Sats.

Phil, this isn't at your house anymore? (Anyone notice Phil hasn't denied his selfishness? LOL)

Judah, I'd be leaving from New Brunswick, NJ; which has a train station right next to the Rutgers Univ. College Ave Campus. Most likely I'd be going on Dec 21, 23 (doubtful but possible), 28, or 30. You can e-mail me at

Zodiac666, what friends would those be? Have we met?


everyone should take advantage of this offer.

I dont know if Phil is the prettiest, but hes damn good.

Great instructor, a lot of unusual moves that would be a great addition to anyone's library of techniques.

If I was in NY/NJ I would try to go.

the classes are still in the dungeon except for the Sat mor. class, a boxing gym opened around the corner and I use it on Sat mornings.

Hugo hows the back? Are you training?

JKD you know damn well I am the prettiest where did you move to I thought you were in the city.

TTT for Phil Dunlap and his generosity!


Im out in Queens.

But this month, I am working in Groton, CT (where the F*ck is that?) and then next week Bath, Maine (wtf?)

TTT for free training!