Free Training Los Angeles May22

I will be running a free training session this Saturday may 22nd at twelve noon in the Korea Town area of Los Angeles near Crenshaw and Olympic.

This class will cover edged weapon control and defense (the same class I run for ERT/SWAT) and controlling the tie-up/clinch, and striking from over-under, other forms of body control, and disengagement techniques, yes truly how to tactically run away ;)

We will work on drills meant to increase skill in these areas that are not only effective and realistic but fun as well. I am a firm believer in fun training, so come out train hard and have a good time!

I will bring all the training gear needed such as FISTMAN suit and training weapons. I welcome everyone to attend.

I know this is short notice but I need 5 people minimum to make it work. So please reserve.

There is no alterior motive to this class, other than introducing people to some new techniques and ideas. Whatever your skill level please feel free to come and have a good time.

Please email me at: if you want to attend.

If you can't make it but know someone who may feel free to pass this along!

Wow Marc! That sounds great. Unfortunately, I'll be in Ohio this weekend or I'd be there. I'll make an announcement tonight in class about this.

Good luck.

Marc knows his stuff. I encourage folks to go check this out. You can't beat the price:)


Jerry, Thanks. Also I just found this guy, his logo looks awfully familiar but I can't remmeber where I saw it, any ideas? Check it out

Jerry wherabouts in Ohio?

Just curious... I'm east of Cleveland.


Thanks for the offer Scott. I fear that it is a little far for me though.


i will be attending a live action dungeons and dragons getaway, maybe next time sounds like a good time!

that logo seems familiar?

Hi Guys,

LOL! Don't even get me started on the logo thing. Let's just say the wheels of justice are already in motion with regard to this clown. He's a guy who used to train with me off and on back when I was teaching out of my garage (note the pic on his website). He's the only person I've ever told "You're not welcome to train here anymore..."

Please rest assured that this person has ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION with Centerline Gym whatsoever. The logo thing is being dealt with through legal channels.

Aaron and Kevin,

I'm going to Columbus for a wedding. I'll be there friday-sunday.