Free training oppurtunity in Vegas

Yes I AM crazy..... So what... At the Asylum crazy is a GOOD thing...Don't be so judge-mental about it...

If you are an Asylum inpatient you understand this and it's great to be in a room full of other insane people. But we are looking for a token "normal" person and I promise we will ignore that and accept you as one of our own..

The problem seems to be "normal" people don't like to get hit, thrown and twisted how odd is that ?

Yes it's true the classes are FREE... Remember I did say I was crazy but then again it's not my fault I used to get hit in the head for a living and I am the head inpatient in charge please remember the Asylum is run by the inmates and the inpatient in charge is the craziest one..

We are getting to the point where we are so full we won't be accepting any new people so if you are interested act now before it's too late..

Remember inpatient or outpatient the choice it yours but we are ready and willing to treat you...

We have a 100% money back guarantee.. If you come in "normal" and don't end up crazy or if you are already crazy and don't end up insane we will give you all your money back.....

Oh damn I forgot it's FREE... I must have been choked one too many times


Videos from class


By the way anyone including drop ins who train at other schools are welcome we believe in getting as many looks as possible if you are interested we are always having open mats that I announce on Facebook so friend me on there.. By the way there is no class this Saturday 2/20 because we have a bunch of people doing NAGA in Vegas

Phil is that you in the videos?

Yes I am the tired old guy