I couldnt get to five i got to six i need your help. I guess i will post each contestant seperately under a diffferent thread with their name. Please be nice these people will be reading what you say about them.

Travis 28

 It's hard writing a reason why I should get to go.  I talk about myself.  I am a MMA fan and don't see getting a chance to go to Vegas anytime in my near future, let alone go to a fight so here goes.  I am 28, am a manager at a loan store, and makes 500 dollars a week.  I had set back some money to try and drive to the Randy/Sylvia fights and was ready to get my tix.  The next day my dad gave me a call.  He and my mother needed 2000 dollars or they were going to lose their house.  I dropped everything and got the 2000 grand out and gave it to my dad.  See my mom has been sick her whole life and my dad is the hardest working man I know.  But about 14 years ago he was working maintenance and fell 3 stories and broke his back.  He lives on morphine now yet still works a full time job under the table just to make ends meet because it is impossible for him and my mom to live off what little they get.  On top of that, it is the house that my real dad (who passed away from cancer when I was 4) built so I can't let them lose it.  On top of that my grandmother, who I live with, has worked in a factory her whole life and is 66 and still working just so she can keep her house.  I help her and my grandfather with all the chores around the house and with whatever money I can afford.  Jesus, I feel like I am trying to win a contest for the biggest sob story.  I just really have looked forward to seeing a UFC/PRIDE etc fight all my life and never got the opportunity.  I am sure there is someone more deserving, I just want you to know that I do believe in Karma and if given the chance, if put in the position, I would love to do the same for someone else some day.  I know one day I will get a chance to see a UFC but I want the opportunity to see my favorite fighter, Chuck.  He is getting up there.  lol Anyway, what you are doing is great and please post pics on the UG no matter what.  Even if I am not considered, what you are doing is a great thing.




He's better than the guy in the car accident.  Not sure how many more threads are out there though. 

I found 5 of them, and if this guy's story is true, I'd say he should win.