He has a that illegal device where he can watch free ppv's and porn. so everyone come over to GB's house.

Amarillo here I come!!!!!

he has tortillas!!!!

I KNOW!!!! I'll bring the salsa & a case of Keystone!!!

you can come

I'm on my way. How many hours from Houston to Amarillo?

how fast do you drive?

the tortillamobile goes pretty damn fast

you'll be here intime to see tanner get his ass kicked. lol


when i get there i'm gonna throw salsa in your eyes

i have a pot of beans ill throw back

that's pretty useless against a bean loving mexican like myself

packs up a big pot of rice

see you there!!!!

too bad im not mexican

who are you?


im the one that got blamed for GB getting ko'ed at the wec fights

AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

btw, that really was all your fault

bull shit he brought it on himself