Freedom...or Security?

  • Freedom, life’s short, I want to live it.
  • Security…I’m an effeminate faggot.

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Those who would sacrifice freedom for security are gay and phaggots



this is the key question that i always ask my staff. they are international students studying in australia from china.
they have given examples of why they security andsafety is preferred over freedom. take for example the face recognition that they have in china. they say that if a person gets their handbag/ personal property stolen in an outdoor public area, then they can have the criminal tracked down and caught within 15mins because of the sophisticated facial recognition systems. it has happened.
this was outlined to me when a customer had a phone taken from their table right outside my shop, the criminal ran off with it and disappeared. my staff gave me that example as to why they would prefer giving up their freedom for security.
another example. one of my staff had their car vandalised in an underground apartment car park. there was a cctv camera at the front roller door, but none in the area where her car was damaged. she was annoyed that nothing could be done about it and said that in china, there would have been cameras everywhere to detect and catch the criminals
it kind of made sense. but having said that, a lot of my staff do acknowledge that they enjoy the lifestyle and freedom of australia. for those that go back, they miss the “freedom”, but its not like they are being oppressed. they do have autonomy in their everyday lives, uneducated people have this weird idea that they are being herded around by prison guards

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That scene makes my balls crawl into my ass every time

So most of America after 9/11.


I don’t normally agree with your takes, but you are not wrong on this one.
Thanks neo-con/neo-lib uniparty…

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He who sacrifices freedom for security will soon lose both.

until the gov decides to start using the tech to “prevent” crime before it happens … by monitoring your actions, listening to your calls, reading your texts and messages. telling you where you can work, who you can socialize with, what vices you can and cant have

No thank you sir.

I’ll buy a new purse and phone or even better… be more careful with the things I have. It’s not the gov’s responsibility to keep my belongings safe. It’s mine

I totally understand that there exists polar opposite views on this. Perhaps it’s a cultural issue. The chinese culture has always been more about the collective, the western/USA mindset is about the individual, this isn’t something new.
What u pointed out is possible and very likely to be happening, the ccp most likely does monitor it citizens and probably for nefarious ways. There is always the argument that if u aren’t a criminal then what is there to worry about. And while true it is simplistic. I’m not a criminal, but I don’t want people getting involved in my business.
But the real issue is that even though you may think your govt doesn’t monitor you, there exists surveillance that we are unaware of, maybe it’s just Hollywood beat ups, but u can’t be so naive to think that govt depts like the nsa, asio, mi5, etc don’t keep tabs on certain groups

Pretty much. Talk to Benjamin Franklin, it’s his quote