Anyone ever play this game??? I just bought it yesterday becasue I had a 50 dollar gift card and it is pretty good. It's like have a ship and you fly around taking can be a priate or a smuggler or a merchant......just wondering if anyone has any exp. playing as a pirate??? right now I am in with the navy and police forces....i want to be a pirate and would like to know if it is worth it...

pirates are totally cool. i'll check this one out

if you liked privateeer it is definatly worth it....I played it for like 6 hours last night and couldn't believe it.....i checked the reviews on a few sites and it got no less that 8 out of ten on any of them...some 9 and a few tens.....i just like these open-ended games where you can take off and do your own thing.....but yeah I want to try pirating.....

if you want to be a pirate you are like an outlaw and the police and navy activly hunt you and you can't land on some planets and bases and won't be able to get through blockaded jump points (like right now I can land on battle cruisers and trade with the navy but won't be able to if I become a pirate). But pirates and rouges have secret hidden bases in astroid fields and secret wormholes to get from system to they have good ships for pirating...lots of armour

Its fun... but it gets stale after a while. I played through the story and that was about all I could handle. Pretty game tho.

jonwell is correct. It is a fun game but hearing this conversation

"Hey Freelancer"

"Got anything for me?"

"You're new around here huh?"


"I might of heard some things, you interested?"

"What do you have for me?"

"Ok, here is what i know." *rumor is shown onscreen*

for the 60th time gets really old.