Freeroll 7 Sultans Poker

heads up can't remember the exact addie just do a search for 7 sultans poker, they have freerolls with no min. # of rakes at 7am 11am and 2pm eastern. Prize $ is 100 at 7am, 100 or 1,000 at 11am today it was 2,000 tomorrow 100 and 2pm tournie is 2,000.

Also without giving them cc info you get $10 free!

My buddy has made over a g on freeroll $ there and has gotten paid out so they are legit.

what is a freeroll?

yeah that's just slang for free entry into a game that pays out $

sucks. you have to have played 50 raked hands to qualify for the freeroll.

id rather play on pokerstars.

Heel the 7am 11am and 2pm do not have required rake hands, here's some more freeroll $ to help you noobs get some more lines in the ocean: freerolls + 2-4 new player free roll same as above (also named choose which ever table looks the best to you.. i got screwed and didnt know about pokershootout so i now play on a thatch hawaiian table..anyways daily freerolls

this last one is pretty cool it has 2 freerolls a day the vary the game from day to hold em, stud, omaha, etc.

good resource site:

and local host of Thurgood noted of this freeroll site: "If you go to, there was a link there to for free $10 to a card room.
the only problem was, the site was so shitty, i didnt even opt to use the $10."

5,000 $ freeroll with no required min. raked hands in a couple days on 7 sultans