Freestyle Combat Challenge Results

Anybody have the results from last night's fights in Racine, Wisconsin?



I don't remember all of the fights but here are a few .

Smith beat Lynde

Wineland beat Omar

Dan Hart , Faircloth , Smith , Metamoros , Bussarde , all won their fights as well .




Kyle Watson coaches BJJ at our gym and we were hoping he would get the victory.

Anybody know how the Matamoros/Watson fight turned out? Meaning how did Matamoros win?


kyle won the first round if it went down to points
with matamoros winning the second

matamoros won by ref stoppage from strikes with rear mount in the 3rd round ~4:00 in

kyle were really proud of you, you faught really well and showed a lot of heart any lesser of a fighter would have given up but you hung in there until the ref stopped the fight

kyle i'll see you back in champaign

Thanks for the info.

Great effort Kyle. Matamoros is a tough opponent. We're proud of you.


ttt for complete results

gocartmozart, you were in the house? so was i. the "6" (officially) second ko was our younger guy. i train with darrell smith. who won via triangle towards the end of round one. the ko, he got caught right above the temple. he has a nice knot on the head! it was a good night of fights and from what i understand fights are being put together already for the march event.

This was my first time attending the FFC, and I have to say that Strasser throws a great event. It was a cool venue, with a large crowd that was both energized and very informed of the fight game. Also the more open rules contributed to what was a great night of fights. Congrats to my teamate Eddie Wineland for picking up an exciting victory, and also to Josh Krueger for fighting hard in defeat. Can't wait for the next show.

Keith Wisniewski

Congrats to the DVT and Animal House fighters

It was a good night of fights, especially for a night that wound up with a lot of changes until the last minute.

The fighters all fought great. Kyle Watson is very game, and deserves a lot of credit. Henry lost the first round, as I think he let Watson get off and he came out mean in round 2 because he got hurt in round 1.

Duneland's guys are always well prepared, and they continue to be underestimated. Keep up the hard work guys.

Animal House's young kid, Squire Hill is the guy that got KO'd. He is OK, just a mild comncussion,though I have to check up on him on Monday.

When the doctor asked him how old he was after the KO, he answered 'I am 5, 6, or 7.'

This was definitely one of the best FCCs of the 9 I've been to. Great fights with a lot of action. I was impressed with Wineland from DVT. I hope to see him back to fight again. Arlovski was there watching.

I felt bad for the sound guy. His rental equipment wasn't cooperating very much.

Overall, an excellent show. I was pissed when Lynd did not win. He was a better fighter....IMO

I know im not getting my audio equipment from music center