Freestyle FC 6 available 2/24/04..

FREESTYLE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 6 available in stores and through major online retailers on Tuesday, February 24th.

Freestyle Fighting Championships is the South's premiere freestyle fighting organization. Known for explosive fights, sell out crowds, unmatched entertainment and non-stop action - the FFC is kicking ass and taking names!

From the gem of the South; the beautiful Beau Rivage Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi, the FFC continues on its path to victory with another capacity crowd and unparalleled freestyle fighting action! Features UFC veteran Rich Clementi.

Pre-order now from any of these fine merchants: - $11.19 - $14.44 - $14.99 - $15.98 - $15.98 - $12.99 - $15.99

*Progressive Arts Media is a Florida based independent music label and MMA DVD distributor. Distribution roster includes: Progressive Arts Music, Shark Bite Records, Fightworld Productions, Summit Studios, M.L. Sports and WEFC.*

i definitely recommend this event.

FFC is the shit, cant wait for March 5th.


I have fought on the last 4 FFC shows and have had a great time. Rob and Lee are good guys and great for the sport.



How much is it to attend an event?

"This is wrong. The Jeremy jackson who fought on this card is not UFC veteran Jeremy Jackson. This was Jeremy Jackson from Shreveport, LA, in his first MMA fight."

Thank you, just checked myself.

Jeremy Jackson will be fighting at the next FFC on March 5. Rich "No Love" Clementi will be fighting Dave Garner also for the 155 belt.

I will also be fighting on the 5th SUCKA!

Not if I break yo thumb SUCKA!!

Who will Jermey Jackson be fighting?

each show has been better than the previous. thats just amazing considering the high level that each show is at. i don't know how it will, but i'm expecting the next one to top all the rest. in addition to those fights named, i've heard that jorge gurgel might be fighting steve kinnison. that'd be an awesome matchup.

My thumb is feeling great already Polluka, it'll be fine by Sunday. That is when the real training begins. By then, all the other guys will have made weight and fought their battles, so we can get to business. Eric won't need anymore "special attention", so it can be directed all at you!

I heard the same Gurgel vs Kinnison rumor.


kbeezy, who are you fighting?

Kyle might be fighting Shannon Holgate, if so it will be one hellova fight. The entire card is lookin awesome.

We are confirmed JC. Me vs Shannon Holgate at 170 pounds.

That should be a great fight.