Freestyle Sambo comp. in Montreal

We will be holding the First Freestyle Sambo competitin here at Club Kozak in Montreal July 28th. Our 2nd Canadian Combat Sambo Competition was a great success with about 5 schools with teams from the US participating.

video of the Canadian Combat Sambo Challenge will be out soon!

You have a website with details or


Here are the rules for the competition. More info to come on registration.





  1. Goals and Objectives:
  2. Popularization and development of Freestyle Sambo.

  3. Participants
    The athletes must be 18 years and older, in good physical condition, and have completed and signed the application form.

  4. Time and Venue
    The event will be held on July 28 2007, at Club Kozak, located at 4850 Wellington, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4G 1X4.

  5. Uniform
    Participant?s sports uniform shall be: Sambo jacket and shorts of red or blue color, and Sambo or wrestling shoes.

  6. Weight categories
    Contestants are admitted to the competitions in the following weight categories:
    55kg (121lbs)
    60kg (132lbs)
    66kg (145.2lbs)
    74kg (162.8lbs)
    84kg (184.8lbs)
    96kg (211.2lbs)
    +96kg (+211.2lbs)

  7. Financial Terms
    Entry Fee: Pre-register $35 CDN.
    At door $55 CDN.

Spectators: $5 CDN

  1. Entry
    Pre- registration applications will be accepted until July 21,2007. Applications after that date will pay full price.
    Applications can be made by e-mail: or postal: Club Kozak, 4850 Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1X4 Canada.

  2. Program

-8:30 AM Registration/ Weight-In
-10 AM Start

  1. Awarding Medals will be given to the top 3 of each division.

all clubs welcome!

For registration forms and more info please e-mail: