Freestyle wrestling highlights

-Cool chechen freestyle wrestling highlights / uchimata/ouchigari/seioi etc....-


ive met quite a bit of chechen wrestlers. Loads of them realy wel reversed in sambo/judo/wrestling some of them even in boxing to. very well rounded fighters, very nice people to

adam saitiev uchigari/leg grab is just sick also his transition uchigari/uchimata underhook is so sweet

Chechens seem to be real fighters, as Putin found out (the hard way). But seriously, finally a video from Chechnya that doesn't end in a beheading. That is one crazy part of the world.

heh. Majority of the war was done by Yeltsin. Also noone ever in the right mind doubted chechen skill in combat, they were renown for it for centuries now.

Great video. thx as always chiave.

Saitev is one of my favorite wrestlers!

Can anyone confirm or dismiss whether or not Saitiev has any formal Sambo or Judo in his background?

I know that just because his throws are very technical and he doesn't limit his offense to what most American wrestlers do (i.e. Doubles, Singles, high crotches, and, possibly, an additional move), that doesn't mean that he's done Judo or Sambo, but if he has, it would be an interesting factoid to share with Wrestlers.

I don't think Saitev has any formal training in either Sambo or Judo.

BUT I do know that in former Soviet republics, which Chechenia (sp?) is, grappling is extremely popular.

My understanding is in all of the former Soviet republics all grappling styles (regional styles, Sambo, Judo, Free-style, Greco) are look at as various of grappling. There is alot of interchange and exchange of techniques from one grappling style to another. In other words Sambo stylist will use free-style techniques, free-stylist will use Sambo techniques, Judo players will use Greco techniques etc.

So although Saitev may have not formally trained in either Sambo or Judo I am sure he was expose to their techniques through his coaches, training partners and even opponents.

Incidently I have many articles written by Soviet coaches dealing with strength and conditioning of Soviet wrestlers. The articles confirmed that in the Soviet Union all wrestling styles were viewed as the same. So all "wrestlers" regardless of style prepared the same way. So there was alot of mixed training sessions among wrestlers of all styles in the Soviet Union.

Oh, yeah another thing is the best wrestlers in the Soviet Union came from the republics like Chechenia, Armenia, Georgia and Ossetia. In fact I have an article from sport Illustrated which was published before the 1996 Olympic that talked about how the small republic of Ossetia produced like 60 - 70% of all the wrestlers in the Soviet Union.

m.g = partly incorrect. It realy depended it wich republic the wrestlers lived. Most of the russians ive met, they are specialized in either freestyle or greco. They dont even train in the same hall in one building. Judo and sambo a different story.

I agree on chechenia sambo, judo, wrestling. are much trained and cross train. Most of them even know about gracie jj to. Makes you wonder...

in russia, judo is referred to as 'judo wrestling' or 'sambo wrestling'..they are all wrestling styles

Saitiev is not a good example, because he is just technically unbelievable, probably the greatest ever freetstyle wrestler technically.

in general, the biggest influence comes from the local wrestling style. you can see throws on that clip which are basically straight from local wrestling styles, like kabarelli with no-gi, etc...they are the biggest influence in my opinion.

lol @ this stuff everytime how russia everywhere just sees wrestling as one style...

some brilliant stuff in that clip, thanks

My understanding is alot of wrestlers from the republic went straight to the more nationally well-known wrestling style (Greco, Free-style, Sambo, Judo) from their own local style.

In other words a typical wrestlers from the republics like Chechenia went from their local or regional style to freestyle or greco or Sambo or Judo. So their local or regional style influenced the more common style they are now participating in.

My understanding is alot of the wrestlers from the republics who compete in the more well known styles STILL compete in their own regional or local styles.