Freire can beat aldo....

Does anyone believe this? I doubt it . Jose Aldo is a savage beyond belief, I'm betting the house on him , best PFP champ besides gsp in my opinion , however spider is damn close , if not for the ped thing, good god its a completely ridiculous statement by a bell at or fighter big surprise. I wish that fight would happen, it wld make Johanna champion vs. penne look plesant Phone Post 3.0

SoCalMutt - Friere v McG would be fireworks. Phone Post 3.0
Would be an amazing fight. Phone Post 3.0

This is the bellator guy yeah? Patricio we are talking about?

As bisping said "you come from an organization where Hector Lombard is literally unbeatable."

He's real fucking good, but I'd have to see him fight some top caliber ufc to know for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Nope, he is a sloppy fighter with only good power.