French Martial Arts

La canne de combat...

what - Savat. Phone Post

actually La Canne de combat is a subdivision of Savate....that was fought for centuries... 







If only I could find that clip of the surrendering "ninja-frogs" from that animated film "Flushed Away"

very cool vid!

You know what they call martial arts in France?

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Jules: Tell 'em, Vincent.

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as I am 30 and do not need to do a competitive sport anymore...I need more a self defense sport that allow me to keep in shape.

Maybe I should give La canne de combat a try....

Tre bien jujubre! Merci!

Savate is an AMAZING martial art. The Boxe Francaise portion is a fantastic combat sport, and the little bit of La Canne I have done was fantastic too.

You will learn a tremendous amount about manipulating rhythm, distance, and angle from these arts.

^Savateurs at Anderson Silva's gym.

I really wish savate and le canne were more popular in America.

what are the differences between savate and kickboxing?

I can see how that would be very effective with a light, edged rapier of some sort, but sweet God DAMN I wanted to see one of the dog brothers hop the ropes and lay into them both!

Savate has an interesting system in which they use an effective combination series, hand and foot to set up the other which actually seems to 'work' in practice. It's not just a string of moves but designed to end in a KO. From what I've seen there are a handful of these series they use and train rigorously to apply under variable conditions or reactions.

Running away? Phone Post

Pretty cool.