French Teddy Riner loses 1st fight in 10 years

French judo great Teddy Riner has lost for the first time in nearly a decade after being defeated by Japan's Kokoro Kageura in the third round of the Paris Grand Slam on Sunday.

Kageura countered the two-time Olympic champion and 10-time world champion with an uchi-mata-sukashi, after 40 seconds of golden score.


I think it's the best thing to happen to him ahead of the olympics.

The dude needs some motivation, he's been half-assing it for a while.

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With his size, strength, and maturity, I'm looking forward to some truly nice Ippons.

If you read my post 28 days ago , I said the next Japanese superstar is the the guy who beat Riner, Kokoro Kageura. 

Thanks for posting the video.  


Kageura lost in the Finals to Grol a wily veteran.   But it wasn't ippon. Kaguera played too cautious. Didn't attack. Grol kept him close and caught him with kouchi gari for wazari later changed to ippon.  Did anybone see ippon?

How big is Kageura? Saw him in the team tournament last year.

Also ‚ÄúKokoro‚ÄĚ means soul.

Was the Czech guy in Paris as well? Lukas something?

Highlights of his fights except the Final. .


 Krpalek world #1 or world # 3 Tushishvili did not compete in 100+k..


Not sure of his size/weight.


Kageura actually looks pretty short. 6'0" or so. Harasawa is listed at 6'3" and Kageura looks much shorter.

Guys a beast.

It will be interesting to see who Japan picks for the Olympics.

That guy wil make things happen. That's got to be such a tough division as the disparity in size and weight.