Frens, It's time we stand up for the rights of Men

I propose we start a lobbying group on the internets for men.

There are many issues in society where men get taken advantage of. Alimony, child support, discrimination, etc. we need to stand up to these cunts and take America back. No more stickers on guys cars that say I love my wife. No more having to walk in egg shells at work to not offend them, etc.

First things first. We need a name and logo for our organization.

I propose we call the organization "A.R.M." Or The Association for the Rights of Men. I'm open to other suggestions.

Also, can someone who is good with photoshop make a logo. A huge strong arm will do.

I will make a thread for our first meeting later this week.

Thanks frens. Phone Post

Phase 1: Start withholding sex from women.

National Organisation of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood.

NO MA'AM. Phone Post


May I suggest the logo be the scene from predator. 'Dylan you son of a bitch!' Phone Post 3.0

The arm on the logo should have a large bicep and lots of veins. The hand should be a fist too. Phone Post 3.0

God Bless Tim Tebow - 

I'm usually on board but motherfucker its football season. No time for silly protests during football season. The most manly time of the year. Phone Post

What???!!! Are you kidding me? This is the best time!

We should be able to sit around in our underwear, drink beer, gamble and watch football in peace! Instead we're forced to do chores, groceries, fix shit, watch the kids etc. and if we don't we're made to feel bad like we're not real men or we don't care.

Fuck that!

I'm in!

How about a fraternity type logo?


I have a friend who instead of watching football all day yesterday like I did, had to go to church with his wife and her family followed by "doing stuff around the house"


We need to band together.

And we will not be protesting. Standing around never got anyone anywhere. We wil come up with much better ideas.

Someone, please make that logo with the huge bicep and fist! Phone Post




Logo prototype Phone Post 3.0

MrFluffyHippo - Logo prototype Phone Post 3.0

I dunno man.  Let's put a pin in this one and see what else we have first.



6ULDV8 -
MrFluffyHippo - Logo prototype Phone Post 3.0

I dunno man.  Let's put a pin in this one and see what else we have first.



Agreed. Phone Post

Prototype 2 Phone Post 3.0

No way this doesn't gain traction Phone Post

Also, we will have our first White House Petition later this week frens. Phone Post






We need to do something, that's for sure. Most men are completely lost in 2013. I'm in. Phone Post

I feel my testosterone levels raising at the thought of this! Phone Post 3.0