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NO MA'AM. Phone Post
This is the only correct answer Phone Post 3.0

Yamma pit and Scott Ferall is what we need right now, tell you what.


Some Scott Ferrall YAMMA quotes:

“YAMMA Pit Fighting is IN YOUR FACE!
Tonight’s fights are sanctioned by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.”

“And standing in the red corner, Vicious is his middle name…”

“Now standing in the blue corner, looking ready to dance and get it on,
6'3", 262 pounds bringin’ some leverage…”

“Standing 6'2", 264 and pacing like he hasn’t eaten in a week,
he’s goin’ to the electric chair at 11-0-and 0 in his MMA career…”

“Please, give some loooove, to Chris Tuscerer.”

“Our referee for our third brawl this evening in the YAMMA Pit at the Taj,
Refereed by “Big” Dan Miragliotta STOMP YOU OUT!”

“Standing in the blue corner, at 6'3", 219 and LIVID, steaming mad,
at 5-0-and 0 in his MMA career…”

“Staring him down with a NASTY glare in the red corner,
at 6'3", 242 and LACED WITH TATS,…”

“Give it up for Travis the Diesel, gimme a room with a (view) Wiuff.”

“In the blue corner, standing 6'1", 231 pounds with a thick cross on his left shoulder,
a perfect 5-0-0 mark,..”

“A muay thai, wrestling BADASS, say hello to George W. Bush the third, he runs the country better than our regular president, give him a little love tonight.”

“And here he is, Fight-Fans, you love him, you know him, you’re used to the bridge that
comes from the big 6'4", 264 pounds of thick, bringin’ it hard leverage, 27-8-and 0…”

“…the former UFC champion who beat Randy Couture down, a brazilian jui-jitsu,
you meet and seen him on celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew, he’s all over the place,
Give it up for your boy, Ricco Suave Rodriguez.”

“You’re ready for some more, aren’t you, can you feel it?!
Kevin Mulhall will be our referee for this beautiful matchup
of warriors and freaks ready to pound and dance…”

“And in the red corner, pacing again like he wants a piece, 6'2", 264…”

“And in the red corner, after what he did to our president George W. Bush tonight,
he’s gonna win re-election, you can feel it, they scream for him in Staten Island,
New York, he does not mess around, at 6'4"…”

“Are you ready, Fight-Fans, for what you’ve been waiting for all night long?
Bring in the Big Boys!
In charge of the leverage tonight in the YAMMA Pit, once again, 
Big Dan the Man, how can I be the Man if you’re the Man, Dan, Miragliotta.”

“And here he is, rolled tight roll, out of Jasper, Alabama, at 6 foot tall,
checking in at 4 6 teen L B S, 10-5-and 1 in his MMA career..”

“Here we are, after the tournament and 2 victories apiece for these badasses and warriors,
ready for the heavyweight title and grabbing that YAMMA Pit belt, the Strap-On.
This is what it’s all about at the Taj, Are you ready to dance, shake it oooohhhh?”

“They know him, they’ve seen him tonight bare his goods on the YAMMA Pit,
And getting it on all night long, Travis the Diesel Wiuff.”

“North Dakota’s finest fighter ever out of Fargo, Chris Tuscherer.” 


I'm in.

I'm thinking something like this for the logo: Phone Post 3.0

In!!!!!! In as fuck! Phone Post 3.0


Lol at some of the pics. Very awesome.

All aboard guys, we're going to make this happen.

Later this week we discuss our first issue. Phone Post

how dare she tell me "5 minutes" when it takes her 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!