I win the pan am two time, my frens. :)

AWESOME!!!!! i think you may need a vacation to hawaii now.

they let women compete? wtf???

Video footage?

Unless u win by by clock choke, maybe not real fight?j/kcongrats

CONGRATS! now quit bragging!:)

congrats my fren


I went without a team, so I didn't have anyone to tape it. :( One guy did say he caught a little and will send to me. Sadly, I didn't do as well as I wanted to. 3 won on points (8-0, 8-0, 12-0) and other was a triangle armbar.


Big Congrats Hillary!!

No Team WTF!? Next time make sure you let us know, and someone from the HG will make it happen ;)

*The HG = the place you wanna be

Good job Ma'am.

you do the HG proud!


Damn, now we can't ask for breast pics once a woman becomes a "Ma'am."



"Ma'am" stands for "Miss Arkansas (is an) AssKickin Motha"


now thats a nice looking "ma'am"

"Oh Ma'am"


LOL @ "Oh Ma'am!"

I was trying to be fake polite to trick her into coming here.

what a great pic, OH MA'AM!!!

Hahah, I'll be up there all today if anyone wants to say hi. :)