fresh and new ps3 game pics

still think warhawk looks like crap. but motorstorm looks very impresive.

also that formule 1 racing game. looks awesome too.

now the main question is. is everything shown there in realtime?

Gamespy certainly wasn't impressed by the Motorstorm demo:

"Alas, the demo that we saw was extremely underwhelming, looking nothing like the target video (though it should be noted that Sony cut out everything but a solitary vehicle).

The demo was intended to show off the game's mud effects, but even those were unimpressive. Basically, driving through the mud will leave tracks, which will then dry and leave an uneven surface for your foes to navigate. It didn't look that good when it was kicked up behind the buggy, looking more like a shapeless brown cloud than actual mud. Hopefully the team will get it together by the time the game releases, but this may be one of those titles that gets burned by its own pre-rendered video."

They also said God of War 2 on PS2 was more impressive than any of the PS3 titles they showed.