Fresh Prince intro song best ever?

Which ones rank where?

1) The Sopranos

2) Fresh Prince

3) Breaking Bad

??? Phone Post 3.0

Star Wars theme Phone Post 3.0

All In The Family or The Jeffersons. Would seem happenstance that the latter is a spin-off of the the former.
Honorable mention to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Growing Pains mother fucker Phone Post 3.0

Theme from Swat

Welcome Back Kotter

Barney Miller theme


The only correct answer is "Walker, Texas Ranger".

I used to laugh my ass off all the time at walker Texas ranger. I never watched the show but would watch the intro. How retarded is your demographic if they get excited by that Fucking song

"when youre in Texas look behind you...

Threes Company?
Family Ties?

Mission Impossible Phone Post 3.0

Magnum PI
Knight Rider

The list is long. Phone Post 3.0

Ducktales. Phone Post 3.0

Only Fools And Horses had seperate theme tunes for the intro and closing credits and both were awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Anything by John Williams. Phone Post 3.0

Threes company is the winner here. When that guitar hit u knew jack was up to something. Honorable mention for who's the boss Phone Post 3.0

papasmurf24 - Friends intro song had longest run on charts

The wonder years ftw Phone Post 3.0
Great call on The Wonder Years!

That has to be in the top 3.

1) The Sopranos
2) The Wonder Years
3) Fresh Prince

? Phone Post 3.0


Also good call to the poster who said wonder years. That was an excellent opening. Phone Post 3.0

The Fall Guy and Wonder Years are the two correct answers.

miami vice was fun

and the GOAT:

The Mighty Hercules