Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 2 ep 17

Holy shit! This is from 1992 and in the intro alone features a joke about being "as welcome as Mike Tyson at a beauty pageant," and Jeff walking around with a cardboard cutout of Bill Cosby and calling him a role model. Crazy how things change.

A doogie howser reference, people pouring wine out of a big ol jug of Rossi. Oh man, this show is even better than when I was a kid who's favorite rapper got his own tv show. Never would have appreciated the wine scene if not for E-40 though. Lol


FreightTrain - 8====D~~~~


Racist jokes were still pretty good in 90's sitcoms.

"Just Say Yo" - "Carlton is hospitalized when he mistakes Will's amphetamines for vitamins on the night of the senior prom" lol

Carlton's blathleticism was on full display in that episode.