Fresh Water Fish > Salt Water Fish

Pickerel, trout, perch, pike…it’s all superior to things like tuna, halibut, or shrimp.

That is all.

The king of travesty living up to her name

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I agree for the most part.
But swordfish is GOAT.

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Just had some freshly caught blacktip shark a few days ago that was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Perch and Walleye are probably my favorite fresh water fish.

I think the biggest thing with fish is how fresh it is and how you cook it.

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Try some Wahoo and do this thread over


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Redfish on the half shell



This is what people in saskachewan tell themselves to make it easier :wink:

It’s like people in the appalachians who shit on LA and NY

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Freshwater fish are better if you’re trying to fry them up. Walleye and crappie + cast iron skillet = no can defend

Saltwater fish are better in various other formats, such as grilled, baked, oven, etc. The thickness makes working with them similar to a steak, where as freshwater fish are thin. With saltwater fish, you can do things like make fish curry, with freshwater fish that’d be impossible because they’d just flake apart.

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