Fresno Beat Virginia!!!

Well the Giant Killers did it again!!..beat a BCS team in the bowl game..It went into OT and was a very good game!

Take that ACC!!!

they got a heck of a program, pinegar is a very good qb

Yup!..i was hoping they would've gone undefeated this year and been in a BCS game like Utah..but did'nt happen..I don't think Fresno would have been snubbed like Boise was..

Pat Hill deserves his props!!..I was scared at the end of the game when time was running out,but Pinegar kept his cool and found his reciever in the endzone!..And when they got there first chance in OT i thought they would just run it in ..cause the run seemed to be working againest Virginia..but that pass to the Tight End and his fighting to get in the endzone was great!!