Friday Knife Sale

Shit, I just realized #5 doesnt have a price.

150USD instead of 160 cuz I fucked up. :) Phone Post 3.0

Gorgeous knives sir!

Please add me to the chefs knife queue.

Someone buy me #2!

Altofsky -
OutTapped - I hope I get an email warning before you post the chef knife sale. I holding off buying one of these because I want a chef knife so bad. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah, the first batch wont be posted for sale. They're for the queue of people wanting chef's knives. Your name is definitely on the list. Phone Post 3.0
I'm ehugging and e kissing you right now.

Total homo Phone Post 3.0

"I'll take number 3"

"I'll take interrogator #4"

Good taste, couldn't decide which of those I liked best myself. Wish I had a little more spare cash.


Hmm I just remembered I need to go through the other thread still and see what I missed.

I can't remember if I asked before but would ever be interested in taking a custom order for a balisong? Phone Post 3.0

Mikusoraiden - I can't remember if I asked before but would ever be interested in taking a custom order for a balisong? Phone Post 3.0
Just know beforehand I could provide you with a lot of the research info as far as the balance properties/pivots/dimensions/etc.

Do you work with titanium at all? Phone Post 3.0

Sorry man, I don't do folders. Far better craftsmen out there for those. Phone Post 3.0

The interrogators look fucking sweet. Might have to splurge on one in due time. Plus you're only about 2 hours away from me. Phone Post 3.0

There are still knives available? Phone Post 3.0

Yup. 4 still available.

I always give them a week on here before selling them elsewhere. Though if #2 doesn't sell here, it's not being sold at all. The longer it's here, the longer I want it to stay here.

2 is fucking sexy. I want that one but can't let myself spend that much. I squirreled away 300 for a chef knife down the road. I might get 1 or 5 if they are still around tomorrow. I'm an addict now. Phone Post 3.0

Will you ship to Australia? Phone Post 3.0

Shipping to Australia is no problem.

When does the buy 2 get 1 free promotion start? haha


My god these knives! And chef's knives coming? When I get my business up and running I know where my first earnings are going! Phone Post 3.0

The kitchen knives have been a long time coming. Something I've really been working towards in the background. Lots of research and practice in terms of finding the correct edge geometry and replicating it in a way that pleases me. Finally got everything down to where I'm happy with the paring knife grinds, so it's gonna be fun to get those finished and scale them up to a Gyuto size later on.

Now, I understand that people are very particular in terms of their kitchen blades so I am shooting for something middle of the road in terms of blade shape between the eastern and western styles. From there, I'll be happy to tweak things here and there for each user to ensure comfort and performance.

Can I call dibs on a pairing knife now? Phone Post 3.0

You can actually send me a PayPal payment thing. I would be honored to say I bought the first. I don't even need to see one. Phone Post 3.0

Ulu motherfucker Phone Post 3.0