Friday Night Fights New Orleans

To all fight fans,fighters,members and managers,

      The Main Event Sports Bar & Restaurant located at 3200 North Arnoult in Metairie, La. 70002 will be hosting a MMA, submission/grappling , boxing, & kickboxing event weekly on Friday Nights at 9 pm in New Orleans. This venue has been remodeled and themed out with past MMA, K-1 , Pride, UFC, Muay thai , and boxing memorabilia. It also will sport a "wall of warriors" of pictures of past, present, and futures stars of these fighting disciplines.There will also be interactive playstation fighting games of UFC, PRIDE,BOXING and K-1 at the bars along with a full lunch and dinner menu.

     The next "Battle Of New Orleans" will be held this saturday, March,19th at 9pm. General admission only $10, ringside $20! We are looking for teams of 2-4 fighters, of which 2 can be pro and 2 amateurs that are within driving distance can be New Orleans, La. Matches are made in MMA, Kickboxing, and boxing!

     We invite you to compete any Friday and if you wish you can spend the rest of the weekend in the fighters dorm absolutely free and enjoy the taste of New Orleans cuisine and history for the entire weekend. New Orleans is a great town to visit.

     We have plenty of fighters from this area in all weight classes so just pick out a weekend when you can come and let us know who you are bringing and we'll get your fighters matched. Pro's will receive $200 to fight and an additional $200 if they win, and we will take care of your travel expenses plus the fighters can eat free in the restaurant.

     This is a small venue so we can't pay as much as we do when we have fights at "The Metro"; our larger fight venue. All those interested in competing in these weekly event please contact Or call 504-888-6451 asap as matches are made daily. Teams through out the Southeast from the states of Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Florida will be attending these events!!Please leave your e-mail address on this thread so I can get in contact with you all.