Fried Fish/Seafood-My Weakness

I eat VERY well and eat a balanced diet. Sometimes I will slip in an occasional slice of pizza but we rarely eat out, I cook homemade Middle Eastern, Indian and Italian and rarely use butter (always sub for olive oil). I eat sliced chicken or turkey breast sandwiches for lunch every day on wheat bread and hummus as a condiment, with fruit.

That being said, I crave fried seafood like 3 days/week. There's barely a compromise, even broiled seafood doesn't do it for me. I don't always give in, I probably eat it once every two weeks but it's my weakness.

Here's what I need to know: how bad is it for me? I can't find general nutritional info on it, it's all restaurant stuff. Exactly how bad is it and am I doing more harm than good by eating it once in a while.

If you fry the fish the right way it aactually soaks up very little of the oil.Alton Brown did a show about it and measured the oil before and after to show how much the fish soaks up when its fried at the correct temperature.If your eating the deli turkey and chicken thats heavily processed id say thats worse for you then the fried fish.