Friend gets choked unconscious

I posted this in the JJ gear forum, but hell, its worth putting it here too.

Please disregard the horrible grappling (i don't think they know anything other than what he's seen on tv or the little stuff from the military that they show them)..

The look of peacefulness he gets as soon as he's put out is priceless though.

** disclaimer **

That is 100% absolutely NOT me grappling my friend.

If i looked like that after 8 1/2 years of BJJ I'd shott myself.


They're in the military? What's up with the poor conditioning?

It was nice of him to turn his chin the right way to help cinch in the choke. I wish all my sparring partners were that helpful.

lol, yea he made it all easier for the other dude.

Remember, we all looked like that at some point though... and i have a feeling a large percentage of the UG still does though.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad, its good to see people with basic knowledge, maybe one day the sport will grow to the point where everybody knows a I could never compete in baseball or basketball, but I can throw a glvoe and catch the ball and I ocassionally toss one through the net in hoops.



That was ugly.

The attempted heel-hook was pretty entertaining...


I was in the Marines. For most Marines, what you see here is about the basic level of what they give you.

There is a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, but it's specifically geared toward combat scenarios (and it's distinct from what the average Marine knows; these guys clearly were not in that program). I don't ever remember learning a triangle or oma plata while enrolled. They're heavy on takedowns, chokes (mostly guillotines and RNCs, not head and arm), writst locks, leg locks, etc. The quicker the better.

Also, not all Marines are the same. A bunch of admin bubbas will decidedly softer than grunts in the Infantry.

This is called CRAPpling.


I was in the reserves from 98 to 05. I graduated from high school on a Friday and went to boot camp on a Saturday. I attended college (W&M) at the exact same time I was in the Marines. The only difference was that I volunteered for TAD (temporary active duty) for the summer so I got to go longer than 2 weeks.

As far as talking to a recruiter, let me warn you he is a scumbag. I don't know him, but I know he's a scumbag. They are almost all liars and opportunists. He's going to tell you a bunch of shit about how you should sign sooner than later or that they don't have your MOS, but they have something else. So, THREE RULES: you know when you want to leave for boot camp, you know if you want to go active or reserve and you will get the MOS you want. Peiod. If he can't make it happen, walk out the door.

I loved and hated the Marines. I wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad I did it once.

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snoring = awesome

We've had navy seals come through our place and they have that mentality that they are supposed to be highly trained soldiers at the top of their league. Well they are but with grappling we smoke em and then they don't want to tap so we have to explain to them that it's just training and I don't want to take him off his job just over training. But put me on a paintball field with any of these guys and I get splattered. They have more important things to take care of then grapping in a war I'm just glad to see some of them expanding their horizons.

I thought his bottom lip was going to flap off and kill someone.