Friend just overdosed.

I love to shoot pool and that's really how I got to know the kid. He's probably 23-25? Moved to town about a year ago to go to this half way house.

He's a good kid. I'd heard he had problems with drugs and slipping up here and there. But I had no idea.

Crazy that he's gone. Phone Post 3.0

What drug?

Guessing heroine? Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear that dude. I stay out of my old hometown, too many people I grew up with caught up in heroin and meth. So far nobody I was close with has died but we are still all between 28-33 so there's still time for something bad to happen. Phone Post 3.0

Yes. Heroin Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear man Phone Post 3.0

Sorry man Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear man, my brother overdosed, drugs are such a shitty thing to get caught up in. Phone Post 3.0

Damn. Sorry to hear that man. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry bro. Lost a good friend two years ago to same. RIP bobby. Phone Post 3.0

Rip Phone Post 3.0

Watched my friend OD on heroin while we waited for ambulance. Awful experience. RIP for your friend. Phone Post 3.0

Girl I was in treatment with a while ago just OD'd two nights ago .. Her brother OD'd two years ago .. Those poor parents man ..

Fuck Heroin Phone Post 3.0

awesomestprime - Yes. Heroin Phone Post 3.0
My heart goes out to you man. My best friend overdosed on heroin and coke in October and I had to give him cpr until the ambulance came. He was fine after but he didn't learn his lesson. He overdosed again in July alone and died in his sisters yard. He called me on the phone that night at 11pm seeing if I wanted to hang out but I had to work that morning and had to sleep. I wish he had told me he needed me there or that he needed help. I guess he didn't want to bother me. Phone Post 3.0