Friend & Mentor passes away...

Today, a few hours ago, Jesus called my instructor, Steve Hannah home.

Steve, a Pedro Sauer black belt, was a very close friend, and a mentor.

He had been fighting a malignant brain tumor for about a year and had several, major, miraculous respites...times when he was told death was imminent and then would get a lenghthy reprieve.

(In fact, he had brain surgery and several weeks later, was in UT sparring brown belts in high altitude-where he was awarded his black belt).

During these reprieves, Steve compressed a life time over several months. I was blessed to have lunch with him 2 days ago. We laughed over old memories and he was very much at peace. When we were leaving, I hugged him and told him I loved him and that I appreciated his influence over my life. He told me, "you know, I am just ready to cast off this mortality, this corrupted body, for incorruption" and looked heavenward. His peace and strength were very comforting.

He leaves a wife and 4 children and a lot of friends who will miss him dearly.

However, I know he has just pulled off the ultimate counter. Death had him mounted, and was sinking in a choke...yet he has pulled off the ultimate counter and now lives where there is no more threat or fear of death, or pain, or disease; he has conquered them all.

I hope I can represent his legacy and do honor to his memories.

R.I.P Steve...I will see you again!

Your friend




Don't know him, but know of him.

Very sorry brother. For you and his loved ones.

no.....that is not fair...this life is so sad...

I love you Steve, you showed me so much on how to be a man and live a responsible life by your example. You introduced me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I have always looked up to you. I know we dont train together anymore but I always speak highly of you and will continue too. I know that Jesus has bought you back and cleansed you and covered you with his blood. I know that we will meet up again in glory and together we will rejoice with our king. I cant wait to explore the Great City with you and Jesse. We will talk with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and eat lunch with JESUS. Im so sorry Steve, I love you, will miss you, and I promise to train harder than I ever have and will carry your name through Jiu Jitsu with integrity and honor.

Thank you Dr. Hannah for your life. Thank you Steve for giving your life to JESUS. Enter into the joy of the LORD.

jesse are you ok? I pray you are hanging in there...I will call you tomorrow. Im sure you busy talking with his family. I will pray for him and his family. Jesse that includes you because you are his family. I love you Jesse, for everything you did for him.

Jam 2:18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

God bless you Jesse.

Brandon, I'm fine...I'm rejoicing! I miss my buddy but I know he's won. He's won.

yea he is a wonderful person...what he taught me in jiu jitsu to this day has carried me for many years...successfully in understanding and applying the techniques.


I posted my response on the Judo forum. He is alive and has merely stepped into eternity.

God Bless YOU buds,

In Him, Eternally


Thanks everyone...

It's weird, I miss Steve already, but yet I have a lot of peace as well. His life, it's ending, reminds me of enoch. He got so close to God that I guess God said, "why heal ya down here, come on up and be healed, we hang out all the time anyway."

Steve had just moved on to a spiritual grappling match and was growing spiritually...praying, fasting, reading the word and applying the scriptures, and as he did, the peace and strength he received were inspiring. He just lived the last 8 months with purpose rather then with fear.

I will miss him but I will see him again.

I hang my head here as I type. I don't know what to say. I didn't know him but I followed all of your posts about him. I am sad and reflecive. I pray the best for his family. You are a good man Jesse.

God bless.

Im so sorry to hear that. incredibly sorry. None of us know the day or hour death might come. Fortunately he had the chance to transition into the next life and say his goodbyes. God bless jesse. Dan

So sorry to hear that Rooster...I'll keep you and Steve's family in my prayers.


Sorry that you lost a good friend Rooster, may God have mercy.  Its kind of odd, but there was a Pedro Sauer black belt from Idaho who also struggled with brain cancer and died.  His name was Dean Heileman.  Did you ever hear of him?


Dear lord,
I ask that you comfort Rooter lord. In his time of lost. Touch his friends family, annd friends. Just help them each day. In jesus name we pray amen.

I hope you didnt mind me praying... GodBless you.. I'll keep praying...

"I hope I can represent his legacy and do honor to his memories."

You will bro, God bless you and RIP to Steve. I am glad to say that I know him and will see him again.

Thanks everyone!

Very sad to hear this. Hope you are ok.