Friend of the family's husband has MS..

Long story short, my childhood's friends sister's husband has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) (which is a type of MS from what he told me) and was diagnosed in 2009. His name is Aaron and I only met him a few times but seemed like a really good guy. His wife (Anne) is my buddies sister and I have known him, her and the family since I was a kid and the family is a kickass family (the kind that treats you like there own). Both him and Anne have 2 young daughters. Regarding his condition, there is no known cure and his only option is a Stem Cell Transplant in Israel (he applied to be include in trial treatments in Canada and the US but was not accepted thus his only other option is Israel). His story is below accompanied with a link for donations and a youtube video of him thanking folks for a charity dinner that was held for him last night. He flies out on October the 31st. Thanks in advance for any help beit financial or through words of encouragement:

I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) in 2009 at 31 years old, and have watched my mobility and quality of life deteriorate since. There is no FDA approved treatment in the US or Canada for PPMS, and there is no cure. I am an otherwise very healthy 37 year old male, who has always been active and has a lot of living left to do. The only hope I have to stop the disease (and possibly improve) is a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant, which gives me >90% chance of stopping this disease, and a >60% chance of damage repair as time goes on. I've been accepted for treatment in Israel and will be admitted in November 2014.

This treatment is currently in the trial phase in the U.S. (Chicago) and Canada (Ottawa), and results have been very good (both trials have success rates of >95%). I have applied to be included in those trials, but was not accepted. After several phases of trials, applications, etc., approval of HSCT for MS will likely not be obtained in North America until at least 2022. I cannot (and do not want to) wait that long, as HSCT data for MS (about 1000 people) indicates that the sooner in the disease course that the treatment is received, the more likely that the patient will see improvement. Since HSCT for MS is not yet approved, Insurance/OHIP will not cover the cost. Therefore, I am asking for help. I will have to leave my family for 3 months to travel for treatment, and then return to Canada, and stay with parents to recover for a couple extra months to ensure my immune system has a chance to build back up before returning to my family.

More informationon HSCT can be found at:

Cost of the treatment is $150,000. Any help you can provide is appreciated by my family and I.

Thanks a lot.

Aaron Grover (& Aly, Elaina, Anne)


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Scary stuff. I'll donate once I'm on my PC

I wish him a speedy recovery, and he will be in my prayers Phone Post 3.0

Thanks brother - VU. We had 2 events for him this past weekend via fundraisers. Kind of fucked up since he is younger then so I can't even imagine what he is going through mentally..