friend or foe?

why do people act like your friend to get info or access to knowledge and connections that you have all along making false promises of financial reward ...then once it is acquired you are just left behind and forgotten

those kinds of people need to be stabbed in the eye worthless fucks

and by stabbed, i hope you're referring to man stick. thank you

a friendly foe?

To me, that's the craziest part of life mang. Trying to figure out who your real frenz are. The saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" turns out to be true I've found. The slimy fuggs that you suspect are slimy fuggs normally do turn out to be exactly that.

It's when the shart hits the fan that you'll quickly see who your real frenz are. I found the type of skeeza you speak of sonny runs rampant here on Oahu in the city. Less so on the outer islands I think. People tend to be a lil' more real in the country, IMO