Friend says, "Don't get Hollywood"

Funny conversation I had with my friend who is a fan:

"Arlovsky gets metro sexual he get's knocked out."

"George St Pierre is having wine with his dinner, he gets knocked out."

"Franklin does xyence commercial, he get's knocked out."

"Randy becomes a entrepeneur, he get's knocked out."

"Wanderlei opens two schools and a clothing line, he get's knocked out." 

"Chuck buys two houses, a ferrari, and starts to party all the time, showing up wasted for interviews...etc. etc. etc."

Bottom line, you get Hollywood, you get knocked out


Thomas William Bomar ESQ.

ROFLMAO... he had me laughing for five minutes

I don't think being an entrepeneur is "going Hollywood".

Wow, just reinforcing the stereotype that lobster restauranteurs are not in the least bit funny

^ That's not the same dude from TUF 5.

that's not Lobsta.

I guess it's one of those things you just had to be there. Don't take things so seriously.

VectorWega is correct.