Friend's Spyware infested computer

Dropped by a friend's place for Easter dinner. Checked out their spyware infested Win 98. It was AWFUL.

The browser had been completely hijacked, I couldn't vist any other sites than the gambling/sex site as home. I couldn't change the home in Internet Options.

I tried going into Control panel- Uninstall Programs,..and deleting whatever looked suspicious. That didn't allow me to use the browser to download my fave Spybot and Adaaware.

I finally recommended they buy a Win 2000 or XP disc and overwrite their crappy pirated Win 98.

Having said that, there anything I could have done to help the situation?


boot into safe mode, that disables some of the
spyware usually.

you could also use a Linux boot disk with FAT32 read
and write like Knoppix and download and save Mozilla
Firebird to their system, then reboot into Windows
and use that.

you could have also had a disk with Spybot, Ad-Aware,
etc. spyware removal programs and updated
definitions... maybe with a free virus scanner like
AVG, Avast, AntiVir, etc.