Friggin Sabres

Finally ponied up the 300 to watch the game from the back row, and they only played 2 periods, while during that time they also took a break whenever they were on the power play.

the fans showed up 18000+ in attendance with an estimated 6000 in the plaza

need alot more from the special teams next game

"the fans showed up 18000+ in attendance"

yes, Hamilton never fairls you guys, do they.

there's alot from southern ontario but sabres fans are sabres fans

Sens fan here but I'll admit your fans are crazy. The crowd outside reminded me of watching World Cup Soccer in South Korea, madness.

I bet some babies were conceived in that croud.

What city were you in during the World Cup lushdogg? I was in Busan. And I'm from Ottawa... are you me? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

Sens over Anaheim in 5.

2002 I just missed it, 2006 I was just outside of Seoul.

ah. Thought you were talking bout 2002. When they beat Italy, our building literally shook.

Yeaaaaah, finally the Sens win a big game in OT.

Oh yeah man, I'd sleep and at 4am there would be like a rush of air all around me and I'd wake up and realize Korea was playing and they scored. It was the most surreal thing. 3000 people living in one square km all yelling at the same time at 4am.

said it all along, Sabres were always overrated. Can't even beat the turds, how pathetic is that. Look at what the Leafs of the past have done to BETTER turd teams than this. HYPE HYPE HYPE. Suckers are you all.

You are a master troll but how in the fuck does finishing first = HYPE?

If the leafs won the prez trophy would it be hype?

You say all the time the playoffs are a different season, so why doesn't it apply now?

I admit you are the reason this forum is entertaining but please keep it consistent so it's not so easy to pwn you.

it's always entertaining watching buffalo fans get charlie browned, but my dislike of the senators makes me vote for them. buffalo can come back, it ain't over yet.

the sabres really needed that one.

will Duff's in OP is great, also pour house in hamburg has surprisingly good wings

The only difference beween the Leafs and Sabres was goaltending. If we had someone half way competent in the net, we more than likely would have finished first.

In closing, I'd just like to say that goeb has been exposed as being wrong....Again.

exposed how exactly, did I post on this thread? If anything i exposed you badly this playoffs for the douchebag of the year award.

You rippe don heatley, Alfredsson, and John Muckler and I said they were all great for the organization. You might've said buffalo is overrated, but your wrong, they wont he presidents trophy. Their in the final 4 for the 2nd year in a row , only thing that is overrate dis Lindy Ruff and his constant crying. Kind of like some idiot Sabre fans during last years Conference Finals.

In the end your jus tpraying that Ottawa doesn't win the stanley Cup, or possibly even make the stanley cup. Why? Cause that would symbolize another 1990's expansion team passing you since the expansion era even began. No one cares about your original 6 Stanley Cups when there were only 6 teams back then. Get a clue buddy.

Welcome to MTVs Exposed ... starring the entire cast of Buffalo Sabres.! (! inside the period or out, I dunno).

Matter of fact Ottawa will be on the episode after when they run into the offensive juggernaut that is the Anaheim Ducks.