Frmr coworker sends/argues crazy cons theories

On the app I'm not sure how to upload pics... But I worked with this woman for about 2 years right after high school until I started my own business. I worked as a direct care counselor for adults with disabilities. Idk how many of you are familiar with the field, but after the doctors, behavior specialists, therapists, etc... You're dealing with mostly people who are in college, fresh out of high school and it's their first job, people from the first two categories who never left because they rose the ranks... And then hoodrats and idiots

this woman was always a little off and she was one of the worst types working there because she worked overnights meaning she would come in at 11-midnight high as a kite, go to sleep till 7 am wake up get the guys ready (didn't take much our guys were high functioning) do about 15 min of cleaning and clock out. 

 Anyway... I get a message from her the other day and the convo that ensues 

The video was so crazy it was a mish mosh of all cts sandy hook, flat earth, Vegas shooting, 9-11, illuminati, texas church shooting, Ariana grande concert bombing..

The funniest most fitting part, especially for here... Eddie bravos rants from jre are playing over it, as if he's an authority lol


Her thought process is so jumbled she jumps from one to the next without any Segway 


i make ale an obvious joke about Satan and she takes it and runs with it 


 I honestly feel very bad for her child, she's teaching this boy the earth is flat and everyone is out to get you 



Oh, and I messaged another former coworker who was cool with her about it... Seeing what the hell her deal is 


he goes "yeah, I thought she would chill after the world didn't end when she said it would... But idk... At least she's consistent with her crazy shit"


I say "what do you mean she was all in on the 2012 Mayan thing?" 


He goes "no that's the funny part, it wasn't even that... She joined some doomsday church and was saying the world was going to end on some random day they had picked lol... They saw signs in everything supposedly... Then the day came and went and after a YEAR of telling everyone the world would be ending she just acted normal like nothing" 


I hope her sons dad has some sense, though I doubt it... The best outcome here is probably the state stepping in 


News Flash: The Earth IS flat and everyone IS out to get you!! Duh!

pfsjkd -

News Flash: The Earth IS flat and everyone IS out to get you!! Duh!

Silly me 

TTT for pics 

A co-worker of mine told my I was “lost” seconds after refusing to agree with her/entertain her idea that aliens are actually “fallen angels”.



Some people are just retarded.



No Segway huh?