Froch ALREADY looking to duck Groves

Groves wants a re-match, but 36-year-old Froch told BBC East Midlands Today: "Las Vegas is the fight capital.

"To finish in a massive fight would be better than going over old ground."

He continued: "I've boxed in America numerous times, but it would be an honour to fight somewhere like Las Vegas because I've never done that under the big lights with all the glitz and the glamour on the main stage."

Froch was on the floor in the opening round of his fight with Groves, but recovered to win in the ninth - although his younger opponent insisted the referee had been too quick to call a halt.

"As much as the fans want to see it reach a natural conclusion against George Groves, with me knocking him out again, I feel personally I gave him his chance and he blew it - he can't cut it at world level," said the champion.

"I've done my job and it's time to move on, but we'll see what happens. I'm not motivated by money, I'm motivated by securing a legacy and the love for my sport that I have."

Froch is delusional if he believes Groves cannot cut it at world level after the clear evidence shown in their fight.

Completely delusional.

He is clearly looking to duck a very dangerous fighter who could well have his number if they meet again.

Is he holding out for ward again? Phone Post 3.0

I can't imagine how they could ever sell a rematch with Ward now...

I've got it on very good advice that over the next few months we can expect Froch to "raise the arrogance to stratospheric levels" to sell the Groves rematch.

A full pro wrestling style heel turn is expected. Now he's been cast as the bad guy, he's going to embrace it.

You need to read the interview with Tris Dixon, you will see what I mean. Phone Post 3.0

Here is part 2, it's got people foaming at the mouth, I love it. Phone Post 3.0

If that's true i respect him as at least being a smart business man. I genuinely hope that he doesn't really believe the nonsense he's spouting. Over the last few years he's made a fan out of me.

People want a rematch but at the same time they want him to say "George was the better man, I got lucky, no point in a rematch, I'll lose"

Expect Lee Froch to be very vocal on Carls behalf, lots of posturing over a ward fight, just generally dismissing Groves as a worthy opponent, maybe even a retirement thrown in once the ward fight "collapses".

Big summer stadium fight with Groves is the plan. Phone Post 3.0

Froch is tough as nails but has almost seemed a bit of a prick Phone Post 3.0

He is not a bad lad, bit arrogant but loves training and his trade work and stuff, loves doing up houses. Not a complete bell by any stretch.

Shame he's had no domestic rival in his prime, hope this rematch is a belter. I think he's laughing personally, if he loses to George so what? He's old and he already beat him anyway , if he loses to ward so what? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah lol at anyone thinking there's no rematch coming. Eddie Hearn will make a fucking killing on Froch - Groves 2 in the UK compared with Froch-Ward 2 in Vegas