Frogs are dumb!


Lol awesome.

I had a pacman frog go two knuckles deep on my index finger once. Fuckers bite hard and have sharp teeth. My hands was a bloody mess after getting him off. Phone Post Phone Post

Mikusoraiden - Phone Post


Fuck me, dumb and scary. I don't want to think about what kind of sounds might come out of me if that thing was clamped onto my hand............or anywhere else for that matter.

Woa Phone Post 3.0

Lol I was drunk and had a friend with all kinds of cool animals to play with. I knew his frog ate mice so I stick my hand in the opposite side of habitat. The frog takes a huge leap/bite, takes a second and with the the third leaping bite finally reached my outstretched finger and CLAMP! I was honestly half laughing and half shitting myself because I knew what was coming.

It was good times. Had to run him under some water out of the faucet to get him to let go.

Same friend had a baby alligator (american if I remember correctly), reticulated python, red tail boa, baby rattler, skunk, couple huge arrowanas and a piranha tank.

He had my dream job of working at a cool independently owned pet store.

^ I don't play with reptiles, and now I can add amphibions to that list.