Frolov's Device question???


I recently bought the Frolov's device from you and I had a question. In the description of the device there are seven parts to it, the seventh part being(as described in the paper work that was sent with it)outer container. I have six parts to the one that was sent to me. I have a lid that is supposed to go on the outer container but I dont have the outer container. My question is am I supposed to supply this myself or is this just a shipping error?? Any help would be appreciated.



Nikolay - Scott's business partner - is here.

If you didn't have the outer container in the box (and I assume that you checked all parts), then it was a manufactory's fault. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please send me your mailing address to, and we will mail to you that part immediately.

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I just sent you an email with the order information from the receit. Sorry it took so long to send it, just been real busy the last couple of days.
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