From CapnKindBud to everyone ...

"Who is the hottest team going into ...the playoffs? You know the answer. It's the same answer as last year. The World Champion Detroit Pistons. You will all eat crow again."

Spurs beat them that year

"What's the Pistons record ... ...with the current starting 5 and the coach intact? 72 - 18 !!! Keep ingoring the inevitable. Pistons will repeat."

"Watch for a Piston win on Thursday and a game 6 win in Cleveland. Don't make the mistake of counting them out. The Spurs are beatable. If the refs don't fall for the floppy Manu bullshit, Utah wins game 4."

"To give Chicago game 2 but they wouldn't take it. 52 free throw attempts? 37 points off of free throws? Still lost by 21. What an ass whippin'. Stern and his bunch of cheatin' ass refs couldn't stop the Pistons this time.
I hope that Detroit has figured out that in order to beat the refs, you have to start kicking ass early. The Bulls are boys playing men.
PISTONS RULE IN 07 !!!!!!"

"By the way the ONLY teams that have beaten Detroit in a 7 game series in the last 3 years have won the title. (Miami and S.A.)"

"Baby Bulls destroyed again. This time by 21. The Pistons look like the most dominant team in the playoffs right now."

"Sheed...Hate on him if you want to but, you are a jock-sniffin' bitch if you don't admit that he is an excellent player.
Clutch offense and defense tonight.
He is HEALTHY this year. What a clutch shot !!!! "

"Good. I know that the Pistons want a rematch with The Sterns.
This time I wouldn't expect "luck shot Rob" to bail them out.
Looks like it could be me and you again, Brian.
Smack on!!!!!!
West will lose again this year cause:
PISTONS RULE IN 07 !!!!!!!!!!! CKB "

Facts = Detroit needs to be broken up and start over from scratch. Brian
Davis = tool no matter what the Spurs/Cavs outcome is.

Ouch. Brian twists that daggar even though it is firmly planted in that Motown gut.

Thats fuckin rough.

and deserved~biotches was a talking

I'm sorry Tito what did you say? All I saw was "I'm a bitch and my team sucks" over and over.

"He is definitely in the same echelon as SOG and Untappable."

They should slap your dark face for that comparison.

Hey Tito, remember this?

""Don't worry we'll get Chris that RING!!!"

No you won't, he won't let you. I can't wait to watch him deny you fags a second ring."


"The way your girlfriend used to?"


lmfao@ BD =) that about sums it up

ha ya you got me Floppy. At least your team didn't lose 1 game in this
years playoffs!!! Great Job!

Never...and I mean me to CapnKindBud.


"At least your team didn't lose 1 game in this years playoffs!!! Great Job!"