From Ettish to you Fat Asses

Ah, the internet. Where you can be anything you want to be, where you can let your fantasies roam free, where you can say anything you want to say, and never have to back it up. A place where you can compensate for all your little insecurities by being a tough guy in the total safety of your own home. A wonderful place, it is.
Have fun, boys.



100% true. Insult me, insult Kirik, insult a mod, go make a troll thread about BJJ sucks, but why in the hell would you make a post insulting a profighter who posts regularly on this board?

Why in the hell would you even want to come here in the first place if your intentions are to put down the people who comprise the sport?

I mean getting into a flame war with a mod is funny, ribbing another member even has its chuckles, but getting on a thread where Tito created and calling him a chicken legged Liddell Ducker?

Still cant figure you guys out.

the fact that nobody is agreeing with you is pretty disappointing

I agree with him.I never understood why someone would come here with the sole intention of trolling

Good post

What's the matter with you assholes?

Have any of you guys ever chatted with Fred??? If you did and realized how decent of a human being he is, you would feel like a heel.

Fred showed up at the 10th anniversary special to sign autographs...Dan Severn didn't. Why the hell would Fred show up with all the shit surrounding him??!

Because he LOVES the sport & martial arts and is passionate enough to set aside his ego. He also wanted to do what he could to support the sport.

When you break down a fighter (any fighter regardless of how many fights or wins/losses) you are hurting the sport. Not to mention, setting a GREAT example to other fihters who will avoid this site because of the trolls.


True dat!

At the anniversary show, I was ashamed for all the assholes in line, slagging and breaking him down as we were waiting in line.

Their true colors showed when, it was their turn to greet him and not ONE said a word.

Fred, was ALL smiles, talkative and friendly and made an effort to be friendly with EVERYONE.

More than I can say for some of the other fighters that were there or weren't there, who probably got PAID for their appearance (or lack thereof).

He's a good guy.

I agree with the original post. It's fine to disagree, and to have your own opinions, and to have your favourite and not-so-favourite fighters, but dissing the guys that make up the sport we all love (I hope) seems foolishly destructive to me.

I personally feel honoured that fighters post on here; whether I like them or support them or not, I feel damned lucky that I can interact with them.

Fred Ettish did take a beating, but without him, and Tuli, and Yarborough, and Joe Son, we would never have had some of our sport's most memorable moments, nor even its beginning!

I think we could all show a little more good manners to the guys that provide us with such great entertainment by putting it all on the line. These kind of guys are few and far between in the real world.

Just my NT$2 worth.


(Someone who admires anybody who can step into that octagon or ring, winner or loser.)

Fred Rules!

I respect Fred more than Tito.

Wait a minute here, let's not over-react.

The topic came up in the 'Pro Fighter you could take' thread by BSF.

One guy mentioned he could take Fred Ettish (as part of a long list of fighters he mentioned).

I think that post should have been a POSSIBLE candidate for deletion. In fact the whole thread was a risk. But in reality, not too much disrespect was shown (to fighters that post here) so it was probably OK.

I didn't see anything in the thread that disrespected Fred apart from that one mention. Fred actually is one of the most respected posters on here because he had the balls to get into the Octagon.

However, the mods should immediately delete and warn when the pro-fighters (past or present) on here get any shit from anyone. I see Chris Brennan, Eddie Bravo and Royce getting a lot of shit. It's ridiculous that we have 'Rogue Mod' problems yet people get away with giving shit to pros.

I'm not a mod on this forum so I don't delete any threads or warn anyone here. But if I was, my number one duty would be to make sure the pros were treated in a respectful manner. That would mean deletions/warnings/suspensions/bannings for anyone who could not engage a pro in a respectful conversation.

Ya know, I agree with Thurgood, but its really hard to admit that because he is one of them guys who wants Shannon Rich in the UFC every time he wins against some unheard of fighter. I dont mean that as a backhanded way of trolling on Shannon either.

The choice is whether we want a forum where anyone can post what they want and have few/no 'celebrities' or have the 'celebrities' but interact with them while showing some common decency.

I have seen pro fighters get abuse here by jerks. What makes the UG different is the presence (although rare) of the pros.

Sure we could have 100% free speech but all we'd end up with is trolls and assholes being at liberty to say anything they want. Then the pros would be gone and how would we be better off? I want to hear what Fred, Eddie, Chris, Royce, Roy, Bolo etc say much more than some jerk who probably boos his way through a UFC.

I was just voicing my opinion, as others do and have a right to do. And as a disclaimer, I had absolutely nothing to do with the title to this thread. Much as I would like to say some things, if and when I do it will likely not be worded disrespectfully if at all possible.

I am all for people discussing the great sport of MMA and even being critical. I can take criticism for my miniscule participation in MMA ten years ago. Believe me, I have been plenty critical of myself about it over these years, too. I only have a problem when the criticism turns into disrespect and ridicule. Actually, I have way more issues with people being disrespectful to those active fighters who go out there and do their best regularly for this young sport, get hurt and bleed for the fans and get paid far too little for their efforts, than for people who are disrespectful to me. Again, criticism is all well and good, as are opinions, but I maintain that there are ways to be critical and still remain respectful.

I also t hink it is immature to post about how you think you can beat this or that fighter. It reminds me of Jr. High, so much tough talk but the talkers never stepping up to prove anything. If you say you can do it, want others to think you are tough, have something to prove, and are going to talk about how you could do something, step on up and give it a shot. At least then you can speak from experience.

I really didn't have much of a problem with the thread, just wanted to post my thoughts. No big deal.

And I very much appreciate those who give me support, be they fans or fighters. It means more than you know.



Fred is all class. Thanks for posting.

Ya know, I agree with Thurgood, but its really hard to admit that because he is one of them guys who wants Shannon Rich in the UFC every time he wins against some unheard of fighter. ........

This is where we are at a misunderstanding.
I said the UFC needs fighters like Shannon Ritch, because win or lose, they come to finish. Ritch has never had a fight to go to a decision. I would rather see a fight, then a lay and pray. Shannon may get his ass kicked, but atleast he will put on a display for the fans.

I apologize if you meant I said something like, "Ritch is the uncrowned UFC champ or something to that effect."

Thurgood - I respect you for being a fan win or lose, and I'm not trashing Shannon, but I dont agree with you. The UFC is supposed to be a gathering of the worlds best fighters facing one another in MMA competition. Shannon may be working hard and getting better, but he wouldnt make it 30 seconds with the worlds best fighters. The UFC is only showing 4-5 fights these days, the last thing we need is one of them slots taken up by Shannon getting beat up in less than a minute by some guy he shouldnt be in the ring with.

No no lol.

I am not saying we specifically need Shannon, just fighters like him who come to finish or be finished.

Its disheartening when I bring friends over to watch the UFC and the guys just lay there.

They like guys like Mir who come to finish.

Geez, I'm sorry dude, I'm getting dumber every day. I agree that people who finish are best for the show.

See! Fred really is a class act. I for one am honoured to be on the same thread. Thanks.

As for the others posters above, well ... ;-)