From Kevin O'Toole to JHR

You could substitute any random leafs fan though ;-)Three hockey fans were on their way to a gamewhen onenoticed a foot sticking out of the bushes bythe side of the road.They stopped and discovered a nude femaledrunk and passed out.Out of respect for the lady, the OttawaSenators fan took off his capand placed it over her right breast.The Edmonton Oilers fan took off his cap andplaced it over her leftbreast.Following their lead, the Toronto Maple Leafsfan took off his cap andplaced it over her crotch.The police were then called and when theofficer arrived, he conductedhis inspection.First, he lifted up the Senators cap, replacedit, and wrote down somenotes.Next, he lifted the Oilers cap, replaced it,and wrote down some morenotes.The officer then lifted the Maple Leafs cap,replaced it, then lifteditagain andreplaced it. Finally, he lifted it one moretime, and replaced it.Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs fan was gettingupset and finally asked."What are you, a pervert or something ? Why doyou keep lifting andlooking,lifting and looking ?""Well," said the officer. " I'm a littleconfused. Normally when Ilookunder aMaple Leafs hat, I find an asshole!"




and famous too

JHammett is correct.CASE CLOSED


ttt for those sorry assed Canuck fans...


jesus h


Great comebacks guys!!