From S.A.M.B.O. to BJJ

This summer I am going to start some BJJ classes. I have studied S.A.M.B.O. (combat and sport) for 9 yrs and I have been an instructor for 4 yrs. I am tired of instructing and want to learn more about the ground game. It's going to be obvious that I am not a beginner grappler, so I am going to talk to the instructor first. My problem is that I am so tired of instructing for SAMBO that the class is no longer enjoyable for me. I find it difficult to just leave the SAMBO class b/c I have been there for so long, and I have such great recpect for my teacher. But he doesn't want me to go anywhere else and he stresses the combat aspect of SAMBO, thus neglecting my desire to learn more about the sport applications. I spend all of my time instructing and very little time training or sparring (the fun stuff). Anyone else had any similar problems? How did you deal with it?


Sometimes you just have to look out for #1.Bottom line.

"You can`t please everyone,so ya,got to please yourself"