From the Hostility Gym in Ventura


Hello, this is Rex, manager for Hostility MMA gym in Ventura, California. The training facility of Jeremy “The Scorpion” Jackson, as seen on the reality TV series “The Ultimate Fighter 4”. We’re having a weekend of cage fighting, seminars and live music.

UFC fighters Shonie Carter, Pete Spratt, Jeremy Jackson and other fighters will be here . Friday April 21 is Shonie’s seminar. Saturday April 22 is our B.B.Q. Beat down. Demonstrations all day, ring girls, free food and drinks for all who attend. Brian Deegan of Metal Mulisha, pro surfers and skateboarders also will be there. Tickets on sale now! Call 805-642-4555!

Demonstrations all day, ring girls, free food and drinks for all who attend.

that didn't get anyone's attention????? Sheesh..........

How much is the seminar and what time is it?
What time are all the other events?

Call 805-642-4555 CMX, they have all the answers!! I'll find out when I get to the seminar capn!




I'm down there pretty often to visit my family. I'll have to check it out.

Tim Lajcik

Sunday april 22nd.We need a couple of more fighters.For our BBQ beatdown!Call 805-642-4555!asap!

The seminar is $100 to take the class and $10 to watch......

not to be a chicken chit or anything... but I'm just gonna watch.....

805-642-4555 for more info....

need some more willing fighters for the BBQ beatdown!


Right on, I'm from Ventura.... I'll be there for sure.

come on, who else is going??

*raises hand*

Shit, I'd be all about it but I'm so broke I could barely afford to drive down from Santa Barbara. :(

dang it Floppy...  how far is it from you??

yes you can & I might even sit with you... long as you share the fries.

ok fine, I'll leave your fries alone... sheesh