From V6 to VR6 to W18 engines

The BRM formula one car had a w-16 a very long time ago.

seems pretty outrageous doesnt it pb? theres so much potential for insane power in theory, but in practice its quite difficult and most often impractical

Sixteen is too many.........most of the time.

The auto union of the 30s kicked ass with 16 cylinders and the 1400hp Porsche 917 had a 16 cylinder engine scheduled to come out the year they got effectively banned lemans type racing.

I hate to say it but....the assymetrical design of the VR6 is pretty damn cool, especially when you think in terms of upgrading...most v6 need two sets of cams and two headers...the vr6 inly needs half that...

damn right sloppy. thats why FI VR6's are crazy stoopid fast.