Front Crawls

 Have to be the most useless pre warm up bullshit drill we do in Judo

 shrimping backwards is valid, but front crawls,,,, oh brother

acai, quick question based on your name :-)

I am drinking sambazon. I like it but it's expensive. I've had people trying to sell me Monavi, and some choclates that Pedro Sauer sells (xocai). the other day at the store Tropicana had a new raspberry acai. Any opinion on how good the various ones are?

Acai, for newbies it is developing the basic pinning muscles where you are pulling in your opponent with you arms and pushing against with your body. I skip these in warmups too because of my advanced skills. But would use them for kids/beginning adults.

 how about one-arm front crawls - the one with the other arm behind your back?

It's just calisthenics...basically pull-ups for peeps who don't have a pull-up bar. Easier to do in a large class than pull-ups or chin-ups, too.

 I think it's just a cost effective way of cleaning the mats lol we've all been fooled!

w/regards to Acai-"Amazon Mania Pure" is the best you can get-