Front Stomp Kick -outlawed???

I have read a few times on here that the front kick Royce uses is outlawed? I have never seen or heard of that before now. I know the gracies always taught it as a way to keep distance and close distance when attempting to clinch.

So is it outlawed for sure and why??

It is illegal to kick the knee. So as long as the kick does not hit the knee it is still legal.


it is ILLEGAL to stomp on a downed opponent, but it is LEGAL to hit them with an axe kick (kick that has an arc to it). GSP did this to mayhem and its fair game cause the kick had an arch to it

From my recollection that funky push kick was always aimed at the lead kneecap.

It always seemed to me to be a very ineffective kick designed to set up the first step of a shoot.

lol man i got my kicks messed up. i thought we were talking about when an opponent is lying on his back

As for an actual stomp, I was under the impression that you could stomp to the body, just not to the head?

Sorry for the confusion. I guess I was calling it a "stomp" because it is not really a kick, but more like a big step.

I think push kick is a better term. On it's effectiveness, I find it pretty effective at causing th opponent to sometimes drop his arms so you can clinch. More for a standing clinch than a double leg.

Also, it is a good set up for kick to the thigh with the opposite leg.

I think I've also heard it called a Stop Kick. Anyways... I don't it is used so much as a strike than as a setup for a clinch. Striking to joints is illegal last time I checked