Frontline: The Rise of ISIS

Won't arise* not will arise. Phone Post 3.0

My takeaway from the video was that they need to split the area into Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish regions. They've been fighting for 1400 years and I don't see them ever getting along.

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Marcus Agrippa - Muslims do love to kill each other. Which is lucky for the rest of the world cos otherwise they would have killed everyone else by now.

I think this is only because they don't have the means to effectively kill others outside the regions they live in.

That's true from what we've seen so far, although the Islamic empire from 650-800 covered a vast amount of territory. If isil can somehow start to get into(and past) turkey then we may have huge problems. I do believe turkey is capable of disarming isil as soon as they become an imminent threat that proves they can defeat more powerful armies than these secular regimes have. Phone Post 3.0
They were once the most powerful empire/nation/religion on the world. They had almost all of the Iberian peninsula , all of Greece and the rest of the Balkans, I'm including the Ottoman Empire. They once struck fear and hysteria throughout all of western civilization. No one should ever underestimate them, even in present day. Phone Post 3.0

Not to mention that the Ottomans were constantly antagonistic towards their Christian neighbors.
That's true. If isil gains any sort of traction in turkey it will be even more of a crazy situation. Who's to say if they continue destroying everything in their path that a ton of converts will arise in turkey?

If isil steamrolls them(which I don't believe would happen) then they have a clear path to Europe and Asia, just like they had in the time of the Islamic empire. It's truly something to monitor closely and we need leadership from the administration to thwart this uprising. Phone Post 3.0
Watch the vice documentary on the Islamic state. They talk about once they defeat the Syrian gov they are heading for Istanbul. Thing is, I don't think Turkey will hesitate to ask for Americas full support both with soldiers and munitions.

Pretty crazy stuff though , they have a caliph again, just like in there prime years. Seems like they've done a pretty decent job of recruiting as well. Phone Post 3.0

watching this on the dvr right now. fucking amazing how badly the local gov't and our gov't fucked this whole thing up... bush to obama... what a waste.

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