FrontStrapChecker vs Fingergrooves

Which is better, overall, and why?

The front strap of my Baer TRS is very grippy, but I have enjoyed the rubber grooved grips on some other guns as well. I have fairly large hands and I've found that the finger groove grips generally fill out my hands better. Is it simply a matter of preference/personal ergonomics or is there a clearly superior choice?

i prefer front strap checkering. I owned and have fired many Glocks and prefer the earlier generations without the grooves. Companies like Arizona Response Systems also have modified 3rd gen Glocks to not have the grooves and the fit is superior for me. I also tried the Hogue grips for a Para P13 that I owned as well as my USP .45. Didn't like them as much either.

The USP has fairly coarse checkering on the front strap. while it provides good traction it is uncomfortable for some people.

For me, something around 20-30 lines per inch feels the best.

(edited to clarify: i definitely think it's individual preference. My fingers and hands are thicker, so the grooves don't sit quite right.)

I do like the feel of rubber fingergrooves, maybe more than checkering, but IMO first and foremost it's a matter of class. A nice tuned up 1911 just has to have checkering. Rubber can get clingy to your clothes, some say checkering will wear holes in them (I cant imagine how they get that much contact with the front strap in any type of carry rig)
My first pistol was a Ruger P-95 and I put one of those Hogue slip-on finger grooved grips and it helped a LOT. Even steel framed Rugers due to grip aesthetics really need a finger grooved setup.

I read an article in a gun mag a few years back on alternatives to checkering, custom stuff. I'll try to find the article, there wre a few interesting options out there. One I liked was deep, wide, wavy veritcal grooves, looked really nice. Another had like these raised square bumps, that gave it the texture similar to a pineapple grenade.

Found the article.
some custom options are the Wave by Dane Burns of Issaquah, WA, and Conamyds by Ned Christiansen or three rivers,MI; also Snakeskin from Ed Brown.